Expected ROI after obtaining SEO service at GSS Webtech

The most common approach to SEO ROI has been search engine ranking. If a company can get a client to perform well in organic SERPs, oftentimes focusing on a handful of short keywords, then they’ve done their job. Well, this is not entirely true. True SEO ROI involves driving targeted traffic from SERPs, regardless of how long or short the keyword is. It also includes targeted referral traffic. True SEO ROI majorly consists of:

  • Conversions related to the campaign
  • Overall increase in conversions over time
  • Conversions related to search engine traffic
  • Overall increase in search engine traffic
  • Overall increase in unique users and traffic

Generally speaking, the ROI is anywhere between 3% and 5% on average. Considering that the client is in the top 3 positions of search engine ranking, the ROI for digital products is around 10%. For physical products, it reduces to 5% and for services, it is between 1% and 2%.

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