How effective is WordPress for developing e-commerce websites?

WordPress is a platform that is easy to use, has multiple benefits, and is commonly used by us here at GSS Webtech. Here are some of the reasons why we consider it such a great tool in building an e-commerce site.

  • The Popularity of WordPress - Supporting over 75 million websites, WordPress can easily attest to its functionality for almost any purpose, not only those of e-commerce. With that great popularity, it’s bound to help you create a website that not only can be trusted by users but also build your business.
  • Cost-Effectiveness - WordPress, as it turns out, is just that, being as how it’s completely free. Not only that, but you can use plugins for free as well, such as WooCommerce. This, of course, creates even more site traffic for you, leading to even more sales as more people are to your site via search engines.
  • Plugin Options - WordPress gives a lot of options for these plugins, such as product inventory, customer reviews, payment options, and so on. All of these plugins are needed by any e-commerce website in order to function to its greatest capacity and provide the user with an easy, smooth ride to satisfaction via online shopping.
  • Customisation - There are a number of pre-made themes that you can choose from, or you can even design your own custom one. An appealing theme brings in customers and keeps them interested, after all.
  • Payment Option - WordPress supports many different payment gateways from PayPal to Google Play. With so many trusted e-commerce payment gateways, you'll be sure to find one that you are willing to use and trust for your own business.
  • Mobile Friendly - WordPress is already a mobile-friendly platform, which is great when you take into account that over 50% of online shopping is generally done by smartphone. Making your website applicable to your shopper is crucial, and being mobile-friendly is just the way to keep on top of it.

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