Our methodology of creating an identity design for any company to become a brand

Brand identity is a very important factor that helps convey vital information about the subject (be it an individual or a company) in a short span of time to the customer or the audience. Apparently, the initial interaction of the customer/audience with the brand helps them make a perception of the company, which is why the first impression always has to be the best. At GSS Webtech, we understand this and implement a proven methodology to bring about the best result for our clients and their brands. Our methodology is as follows:

  • Record client details.
  • Establish the fundamentals and understand the idea behind the business.
  • Review the existing designs and branding (if any).
  • Research the market and their field of business.
  • Investigate the key demographic that the company is targeting.
  • Choose colour palettes.
  • Sketch out initial ideas.
  • Create 5 alternative branding styles.
  • Take feedback on initial ideas and prototype designs.
  • Pool the ideas together.
  • Create the final designs (up to 3 designs).

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