What are the lead generating techniques used at GSS Webtech?

  • Lead generation by Email Marketing - Email Marketing is one of the best lead generation strategies that stood out in this ever-changing world. Whether the case is to attract a stranger, promote new product/services or nurture a lead. Also, most marketers believe and live by the rule that emails are great assets to earn.
  • Lead generation through Content Marketing – We utilise content marketing techniques such as creating blog posts, guest posting on authoritative sites, creating lead magnets in exchange for some information and online PR to ensure a maximised lead generation for our clients.
  • Lead generation by Search Engine Optimization – Since 94% of the organic traffic comes from Google, optimising the site and content for search engines creates an opportunity for businesses to target the keyword users are searching for and provide value and convert them into a lead. We implement the best of SEO strategies that bring about the desired results.
  • Lead generation through Social Media – Incorporating a couple of smart social media strategies like social media chat-bots and advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube can get a lot of attention for our clients thus enabling better business prospects.
  • Lead generation through Paid Advertising - SEO takes times to show results whereas paid advertising can give you instant targeted traffic. In fact, you can show your ads on relevant keywords that you want to target. Some of the strategies we use are social media advertising, affiliate marketing, remarketing and social media influencing.
  • Lead generation by Website Optimization - A lead generating website has a user-friendly description of their value proposition is easily accessible, provide valuable information, offers opportunities to sign up and provide contact information that easily accessible.

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